All the papers presented under the teraching innovation area will be accepted. The deadline for the delivery of papers will be on the 26th of July 2005 inclusive. The aceptation will be communicated al latest on the 31st of July 2015.

  1. Papers must have the communication format
  2. Papers could be delivered in Spanish or English language
  3. Communications should be suitable to the following model: Communications format Download in you computer and follow the instructions. Communications that do not follow the instructions will not be able to belong to the publication with its ISBN.

It is compulsory to send the complet article (only in .PDF format) through the project deklivery webpage clicking in the folowing link: Envío de trabajos

Peer to peer revision.

The scientific committee will check the received projects which will assign a scale to define the acceptation, acceptation with modification or rejection of the project.

The evaluatin criteria are:

  • Quality of the project.
    • Necessity and interest.
    • Originality and innovation.
    • Scientific methodology.
  • Applicability.
    • Sustainability and trasferability
    • Eficiency
  • Transmision.
    • Accomodation to the format
    • Clarity

The recommendation of the project acceptation may be:

  • Not accepted.
  • Accepted but with important modifications.
  • Accepted but with little modifications.
  • Accepted


The authors of accepted projects, pending of modification will have to send the definitive version of the project before the 25th of July 2015.

It is very important to follow the format and instructions so that the prpject can be included in the Congres Acts.

  • Acceppted projects will be published with creative commons license. Non commercial recognition and without direvate work (by-nc-nd)
  • All accepted projects must count on the inscription of, at least, one of the authors, to be included in the Congress Acts.
  • An inscription only will give the right to the presentation and publication of accepted projects


All accepted projects must realise an oral presentation of themselves.

All accepted projects will be published in:

Congress Acts (with IBSN). The invited conferences and all the accepted projects will be published in the Congress Acts. All accepted projects must count on the inscription of, at least, one of the authors, to be included in the Acts book.




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