President’s letter

The institute “Teaching and Learning Innovation Institute” is a non-profit university association established by professors from different disciplines and universities, with the aim of promoting exchange and innovation within university teaching.

The association has developed a low-cost Innovation Congress in order to encourage an exchange of experiences and interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of innovation. Papers are published in our proceedings with ISBN, and, since 2017, the best ones will appear in our annual magazine. This new publishing project starts with quality first signs and it aims to become a quality publishing landmark with regard to innovation and to equip authors with quality indicators which are demanded by national and international evaluation systems.

TeLe(In)2 members want our association to appreciate the excellent work of many university professors which want to go a step further than just teaching, developing new ways of teaching and evaluating university knowledge.

We are a supportive, open and cooperative community which tries to spread knowledge to anyone interested in sharing and working together for a better teaching. So, if you want to join us, we invite you to participate. We are interested in everything you can share and that’s why we encourage you to play a part in our idea.

We will be expecting you,



Nuria González Rabanal

TeLe(In)2 President